China to create recycling system for decommissioned solar panels

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reciclaje de paneles solares

Inspenet, August 27, 2023.

The mechanism for recycling solar panels includes various strategies

In a communication issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, China announced its intention to implement a mechanism aimed at removing decommissioned solar PV panels by 2025.

In addition, it seeks to improve the relevant regulations and specifications for the recycling process of photovoltaic and wind equipment that have ceased to be operational.

Until 2030, the commission also aims to perfect the recycling system for photovoltaic solar power plants, optimizing resource recycling capacity and focusing on decommissioning scale.

In the same time horizon, China has plans to establish an industrial conglomerate specializing in the recycling of retired photovoltaic and wind equipment.

Meanwhile, manufacturers and companies linked to photovoltaic solar energy have the obligation to manage the equipment that has been put out of service, including its components, and are prohibited from disposing of this disassembled equipment in landfills .

To encourage manufacturers to proactively recycle retired solar modules, the Chinese government will also support third-party recycling companies to process the photovoltaic equipment they are no longer in service.

In addition, China has expressed its commitment to “gradually promote the development of photovoltaic module reconditioning industries” and will focus its efforts on revitalizing key elements such as photovoltaic inverters.


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