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Inspenet- XY Crawlers

The Rise of the XY Crawlers

While Eddyfi Technologies is known for its wide range of small and agile inspection crawlers, we have also been creating industrial robotics capable of XY movements for a long time. Eddyfi Robotics developed a patented design that is increasingly being employed due to the inherent benefits afforded with an XY crawler versus our standard crawler robots or robots using a raster arm. This article shares some examples where our unique XY crawlers truly excel.


The Flex For Complex Geometry Inspection: P-Flex

Technological advancements in non-destructive testing are closely dependent on other fields of research surrounding it such as optics, acoustics, or tomography. One such field that plays a crucial role in enabling innovation in eddy current array (ECA) is that of flexible printed circuit boards (PCB).