Tinker & Rasor leads the detector industry with innovation and next-generation technology

Inspenet, March 14, 2023

Tinker & Rasor is an electronics company successfully engaged in the design, development and manufacture of Holiday detectors (Porosity Detectors), Detectron pipe, cable and fluid leak locators, as well as an important line of cathodic protection instrumentation.

Founded in 1948, Tinker & Rasor has been continuously manufacturing Holiday Detectors, which are widely used around the world inspecting protective coatings for corrosion mitigation.

In 1961 a product line was added through the purchase of the Detectron company. Detectron instruments have been manufactured continuously since 1949 and are well known for their high level of quality. These products consist of pipe, cable and leak detectors used by major utility companies and contractors.

In 2008, Tinker & Rasor moved from its 60-year-old location in San Gabriel, CA to a larger facility in San Bernardino, CA., a move that allows them to grow and better serve their clients.

Tinker & Rasor prides itself on being able to ship all stock products and service all repairs within 24 hours.

For more information about the products offered by the Tinker and Rasor company, visit its website: https://www.tinker-rasor.com/

Source : LinkedIn Tinker and Rasor

Photo : Tinker and Rasor website

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