Gerdau Graphene presented an anti-corrosion additive with graphene

NanoCORR Shield can increase corrosion resistance by 70% when subjected to salt spray testing.
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Aditivo anticorrosivo con grafeno

Gerdau Graphene has introduced NanoCORR Shield, the newest member of its G2D NanoCORR line of graphene-based anti-corrosion paint and additive for coatings. This product, developed with Gerdau Graphene’s exclusive G2D technology, is a graphene-enhanced chemical additive designed to increase the corrosion resistance of solvent-based paints and coatings. In salt spray tests, NanoCORR Shield has shown a 30% to 70% increase in corrosion resistance.

What is graphene?

Graphene is a layer of pure carbon, one atom thick, with a hexagonal structure. with a hexagonal structure, which stands out for its high electrical and thermal conductivity and mechanical strength. The incorporation of a small amount of specially developed graphene oxide in paints and coatings improves the barrier effect against corrosive elements such as water, oxygen and chlorides.

Additionally, NanoCORR reduces paint consumption by reducing the nominal coating thickness while maintaining other characteristics and performance properties of paints and coatings.

This additive joins Gerdau Graphene’s growing line of products for the paints and coatings market, which includes G2D NanoCORR anti-corrosion additive for water-based paints; G2D NanoLAV W107, which improves the washability of latex-based paints and G2D NanoDUR W102, which increases the durability of latex flooring paints. In recent tests, NanoDUR W102 demonstrated a 33% reduction in paint consumption and application, reducing recoating frequency by up to one third.

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Anti-corrosion additive with graphene for protection and sustainability

Alessandra Zanuto, Technical Product and Sales Manager for Chemical Additives at Gerdau Graphene, pointed out that “NanoCORR offers a high quality solution to combat corrosion and extend the life of metal structures, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and associated costs. Its positive impact extends beyond corrosion protection, promoting sustainability and economic efficiency in a variety of sectors“.

Valdirene Peressinotto, executive and innovation director of Gerdau Graphene, commented that “ G2D NanoCORR Shield was created to help producers offer high performance paint and coating products while reducing the use of unsustainable inputs such as heavy metals. and, at the same time, reduce the use of unsustainable inputs such as heavy metals. This product joins our growing portfolio of additives for the paints and coatings market and underscores our commitment to developing innovative and sustainable graphene-based solutions for this industry.“.

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Source and photo: gerdau

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