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Digital innovation: Transforming safety in the oil and gas industry

Inspenet, November 16, 2023.
In a sector as important and challenging as oil and gas, digital innovation is emerging as a beacon of change, promoting not only operational efficiency but also raising safety standards to unprecedented levels. The integration of digital technologies is redefining how managers monitor and improve oilfield operations.

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How Location Classes Optimize Pipeline Integrity Management

Inpenet, October 17, 2023.
Pipeline and pipeline integrity management is an essential component in the oil and gas industry. However, its operation is not without risks. Failures can have catastrophic consequences, both from an economic and environmental perspective. At this point, location classes become of fundamental importance.

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“The Monobuoys” The future of offshore facilities for loading and unloading hydrocarbons

Inspenet, October 3, 2023.
Over the decades, the oil industry has undergone a constant and progressive transformation, largely forged by technological advances that have revolutionized its operating practices. Among these advances, the emergence of monobuoys stands out as an essential resource in the hydrocarbon logistics chain, playing a leading role in the loading and unloading operations of oil tankers in maritime environments.

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