Cortec solves corrosion in generators and electric motors

The VpCI-308 bags can remain inside the generators during operation, providing continuous and effective protection.
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Corrosión en generadores

Global producer of corrosion inhibitor and protection technologies, Cortec, has successfully solved corrosion problems in generators and electric motors, as well as copper stator cooling systems. They published on their website a guide to help users find the best solutions for their needs.

Corrosion in generators with ElectriCorr VpCI-239

The application of ElectriCorr™ VpCI-239 can retard corrosion on smaller generator cores when the equipment is not in operation. By spraying these cores, a thin layer is formed that prevents corrosion, protecting against industrial, marine and tropical conditions.

Additionally, VpCI-308 bags can be placed inside generator housings to protect accessible metal surfaces, creating a molecular layer that inhibits corrosion on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. corrosion on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. . These bags can remain in place during operation or storage.

The key to generator and oil system protection

To mitigate the risk of corrosion on copper components in water-cooled generators, VpCI-422 and VpCI-426 can be added. Clogging of these components interrupts the cooling processes, so it is crucial to remove rust, flush and neutralize the cooling water tubes with VpCI-41x series, followed by flushing with water treated with VpCI-648.

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This additive protects against corrosion in ferrous metals and copper at low doses in deionized or reverse osmosis water. In addition, M-535 can be added to generator oil systems for corrosion protection during the placement process, containing vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors that protect both metal surfaces in contact with the oil and surfaces in the headspace above the fluid level, allowing for efficient and economical protection.

Effective protection for generators with Cortec

Cortec uses VpCI-391 water-based removable coating along with EcoShield VpCI-386 permanent UV-resistant clear coating to protect portable and backup generators. These are applied to coated or uncoated machine surfaces. For generator and motor junction boxes, VpCI-101, a self-adhesive foam containing vapor phase corrosion inhibitors, can be used by conditioning the casing with protective vapors.

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