Endurance Motive will produce lithium batteries in Mexico

Isbel Lázaro.

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Inspenet, September 20, 2023.

Endurance Motive, the Spanish company specialized in battery manufacturing, plans to start production in Mexico starting next year. This makes it one of the first companies in the country to manufacture lithium batteries specifically for vehicles .

Endurance Motive would begin production next year

According to one of its executives, the company plans to make a significant investment to establish a lithium battery factory in Puebla and construction of this facility is expected to begin in the first quarter of next year. Jorge Ermilo Barrera Novelo, general director of the entity’s Energy Agency, stated the following:

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“It is a factory that will be installed in the municipality of Puebla, in the vicinity of Volks Wagen. This plant will assemble lithium batteries for electromobility, micromobility and in the long term for the nautical naval industry,” the official mentioned in an interview.

Endurance Motive plans to supply these types of batteries not only to major automotive companies, but also to manufacturers of scooters, motorcycles, electric bicycles, cargo vehicles, trucks, buses and for residential applications, as well as to support power generation. cleans in power plants .

The location of the company’s facility in this region will allow greater proximity between automakers and other manufacturing industry participants and this supplier of these batteries. This will encourage the transition towards the use of more environmentally friendly energy sources.

This investment could be considered part of the “nearshoring” trend, since the Spanish company is expanding into this new geographic location with the aim of diversifying and strengthening supply chains.

“Today Endurance is only in Spain and is expanding its presence because it wants to reach other markets, mainly Mexico and the United States, to improve its logistical position,” he indicated.

In terms of lithium supply, Endurance Motive will initially have to acquire this raw material from Asia, since Mexico does not yet produce it despite having considerable reserves. However, the possibility that the country could supply Endurance with this raw material in the future is not ruled out.

The director of the Puebla Energy Agency stated that no problems are anticipated regarding the supply of electricity for the company’s operation, given that the region has an installed capacity of more than 250 MW to satisfy its energy needs.

Finally, it was mentioned that due to company confidentiality reasons, it is not possible to disclose at this time the investment allocated to this project or the estimate of jobs generated.

Source and photo: https://energy21.com.mx/electricidad/2023/09/18/nearshoring-empresa-espanola-alista-mega-proyecto-de-baterias-de-litio-en

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