Do you know the new intelligent robot Pleco Solar from BladeRanger?

Inspenet, April 4, 2023

BladeRanger , an Israeli startup specializing in robotics, developed a robot that cleans solar panels automatically, without the intervention of operators or water, an innovative device that optimizes the electrical production of each panel to the maximum.

The Pleco Solar robot weighs just 20 kg, works autonomously, is capable of working even on surfaces with a 45-degree inclination, and performs monitoring and analysis tasks in real time.

New Scientist assures that BladeRanger has successfully tested the movement of one of its robots with drones for cleaning on roofs, where the drone dropped off and picked up the robot. In one hour, he calculates that he can clean up to 400 m 2 .

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BladeRanger’s Pleco Solar robot weighs just 20 kg, works autonomously

“The use of Pleco can increase the daily coverage of panels (kW) by around 30%, which boosts daily productivity,” argues the Israeli company, which includes more than one software with artificial intelligence (AI) to “maximize” the ROI of the solar plant.

Currently, the Israeli company has partnered with Alpha Solar to provide the Gulf region with these cleaning robots for solar panels. The benefit is for both parties, because the owners of the solar panels will also be able to increase their productivity and economic efficiency.

Ali Halwach, CEO of Alpha Solar, expressed his satisfaction regarding the agreement. “Blade Ranger’s unique technology, along with its observation and operation platform, will help boost energy production in our region, while providing new and useful information for each of the solar energy sites,” he said. hallwach.

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Photo Caption : BladeRanger’s Pleco Solar robot maximizes energy efficiency.

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