In the recent episode presented by Inspenet TV from the event held by ASNT in 2023, we had the honor of speaking with Anita Gregorian, a prominent ASNT board director.

The interview focused on the role of women in non-destructive testing ( END), a field traditionally dominated by men, and how it is evolving to incorporate more young people and women, marking a turning point towards a more inclusive and diversified industry.

What is the role of women in Non-Destructive Testing?

Anita Gregorian highlighted the notable increase in female and younger population participation at this year’s conference, which she considers a breath of fresh air that brings new ideas and technologies. This demographic change not only enriches the field of NDT, but is also crucial for its evolution and adaptation to future challenges. The ASNT is implementing multiple projects to increase the participation of new generations, including the introduction of NDT education at an early age and the promotion of the career through legislation and lobbying.

Gregorian stressed that NDTs offer a promising career path without the need to obtain a four-year college degree. This aspect is especially attractive to the younger generation, who can enter the field through technical schools and start working right away. Furthermore, digitalization and technology are transforming the perception of work in NDT, making it more attractive by moving it away from the traditional image of a “dirty” and physically demanding job.

Anita Gregorian highlighted the notable increase in female and younger population participation at this year’s conference, which she considers a breath of fresh air that brings new ideas and technologies, as well as the role of women in Non-Destructive Testing and other industries.

Job opportunities in NDT

The aerospace industry, where Gregorian has direct experience, is an example of how technological advances are creating cleaner work environments and demanding qualified NDT technicians. With the space industry booming, there is a growing need for qualified inspectors capable of working in extreme conditions and ensuring the safety and reusability of space vehicles.

For those interested in entering the NDT field, Gregorian suggests several routes, including technical and engineering training, as well as taking advantage of the resources of ASNT and its local chapters for guidance and training. Additionally, it highlights the importance of attending conferences like ASNT for networking, as they offer unique employment and training opportunities.

Stereotypes in the Non-Destructive Testing Industry

Gregorian also addressed the issue of gender stereotypes in the industry, encouraging women not to be deterred by male dominance. Her personal experience reflects an environment of support and mentoring from her male colleagues, underscoring that passion for science transcends gender and race.

Looking ahead, Gregorian anticipates sustained growth in the NDT industry, driven by the need to inspect aging infrastructure, aircraft, space vehicles and more. This growth represents a safe and promising field for young people and women alike.

With exciting plans for next year, including additional member events, ASNT continues to be a vital meeting point for professionals, students and companies in the NDT field. The interview with Anita Gregorian not only highlights progress towards greater inclusivity in the industry (with the role of women in Non-Destructive Testing) but also the limitless potential of NDT to offer rewarding and challenging careers to the next generation.

Para más contenido relacionado al evento visita y nuestro canal de Youtube.

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