Tips to save energy and prevent electrical accidents

Inspenet, April 12, 2023

In addition to being useful and indispensable in our daily lives, electricity is dangerous to our physical integrity. In fact, when it passes through the human body, electric current produces everything from external burns to death by suffocation or cardiac arrest.

That is why it is extremely important to take as many precautions as possible, both at home and on the street, to avoid accidents. The objective is to prevent accidents such as electrocution, burns or fires due to short circuits and/or contact with power lines. In this note we present some recommendations to prevent accidents and save energy:

To prevent accidents:

Avoid power surges : when too many pieces of equipment are connected to one outlet and work in parallel, the risk of a short circuit increases. For this, the use of conductors suitable for the amount of current that will be consumed is required.

Avoid contact or approach with energized lines during the assembly of

scaffolding or when working on it, when building balconies safety distances must be respected with energized lines. Do not bring rods, sticks, tubes or any other object close to power lines. Do not install antennas or clotheslines near power lines. Do not throw shoes, chains, wires or other objects into energized lines. Do not fly parrots or metallic balloons near power lines.

Do not carry out electrical work with a wet body.

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Tips to save energy and prevent electrical accidents

To save energy:

Properly selecting electrical equipment reduces electrical energy losses by more than 75%, according to the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving of Spain. It is recommended to opt for quality products that meet the appropriate specifications for your installation and that guarantee their durability.

Modify your electricity consumption habits : always turn off the lights when leaving a room, take advantage of natural light as much as possible or disconnect electronic devices are some habits that will favor the efficient use of electricity.

Check your receipts in detail : if the cost of electricity increases suddenly from one month to the next, without having made any electrical expansion, it may be an indicator that there is an electrical failure that should be reviewed by an expert.

Periodically inspect the electrical wiring system (by a specialist) to identify possible failures and update the electrical charge demanded, also contributing to the safety of your home.

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