Company launches technology to harness geothermal energy

energía geotérmica

Inspenet, December 31, 2023.

Baker Hughes has introduced ThermaStim , a low-corrosion in-situ acidification system designed to harness geothermal energy .

Maximum use of geothermal energy

A notable aspect of ThermaStim is its zero reactivity and low surface corrosiveness. Unlike conventional acids used in geothermal wells, which often react immediately near the wellbore, ThermaStim activates at greater depths in the formation, where high temperature conditions typical of geothermal formations prevail.

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This unique property ensures deeper penetration into the reservoir, even with reduced fluid volumes, enabling enhanced stimulation.

Additionally, while many conventional solutions require at least 40% of the total fluid cost due to inhibition, ThermaStim reduces the costs associated with corrosion inhibitors . Temperature-triggered in-situ acid generation provides protection for wellbore tubulars and downhole equipment without requiring an expensive corrosion inhibitor package.

Likewise, the technology eliminates the need for acid tanks, ensuring safe on-site handling and reducing carbon emissions , as well as the environmental and logistical challenges associated with transporting large volumes of acid. The in-situ design addresses health, safety and environment (HSE) concerns as there is no need to handle or pump active acids.

ThermaStim represents Baker Hughes’ unwavering commitment to pioneering the energy sector, particularly reflecting our strength over the past 40 years in geothermal energy. By introducing this unique approach to geothermal extraction, we enable our customers to position themselves for new frontiers, meeting the changing demands of the energy transition.”said Rodrigo Farias, vice president of Pressure Pumping at Baker Hughes. ” Our goal is to harness the power of the Earth in a safer and more efficient way .”

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