Vaca Muerta oil production set a record

producción de vaca muerta

Inspenet, December 26, 2023.

The Vaca Muerta deposit generated positive results

In October, the province of Neuquén achieved a historic milestone in oil production, reaching 354,156 barrels per day, which represents an increase of approximately 5.39% compared to the previous record recorded in September of this year. This figure reflects a year-on-year increase of 16.86% and the accumulated variation from January to October reached 21.05%.

According to data provided by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the increase compared to September is largely attributed to the increase in production in areas such as Bandurria Sur, Bajada del Palo Oeste, Loma Campana, Mata Mora Norte, Aguada del Chañar and The Bitter Girl.

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We continue on this path of increasing production thanks to Vaca Muerta, which is not only fundamental for the economic and productive development of the province, but also helps to strengthen the country, first through self-sufficiency and, later, with the export of the products. surpluses, contributing dollars to the reserves of the Central Bank“said Governor Omar Gutiérrez.

He also took the opportunity to reiterate the need to build a new refinery to guarantee fuel supply during peak demand in the country. Furthermore, he stated that it would be justified for said refinery to be established in Neuquén, considering the province’s significant contribution to oil supply.

Regarding gas production in October, 79.97 million m 3 per day were recorded, which represented a decrease of 17.4% compared to the previous month and 4.61% in interannual terms. The accumulated in the first ten months of the year showed an increase of 2.86%. The reduction compared to September is mainly attributed to the decrease in production in areas such as Fortín de Piedra, El Mangrullo, Aguada Pichana Este, Rincón del Mangrullo and Sierra Chata.

It is relevant to highlight that 92.09% of oil production last month was of unconventional origin, while 85.28% of gas production was also of unconventional origin.

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