Inspenet will be present at the API Summit 2024

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Cumbre API 2024

API Summit 2024: A professional connection platform

The American Petroleum Institute (API) 2024 Mechanical Integrity and Inspection Summit will be held January 23-25 ​​at the Henry B. González Convention Center, located in San Antonio, Texas. This annual event will bring together experts, professionals and leaders from the oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries from around the world to discuss the latest trends, innovations and best practices in the sector.

The event will be led by Robert Bryce, who is an author, podcaster, film producer and has also been writing about energy, power, politics and innovation for more than three decades. Bryce is the author of six books, including his most recent, A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations.

It is important to mention that the API Summit 2024 will focus on providing a networking platform for inspectors and other inspection support professionals in the industry.

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Importantly, the API Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Summit will span three days of educational content and offers outstanding networking opportunities, preceded by an optional day of in-depth training courses.

The technical sessions that will be offered each day will cover the chemical, oil and gas industry sectors, including:

  • Upstream (Drilling, Subsea, Production Systems, Integrity Management).
  • Midstream (Oil pipelines, Terminals).
  • Downstream (Refining, Chemical and Storage).
  • Multi-sector.

The API Summit 2024 promises to be an informative and enriching event for all attendees and is expected to contribute to the continued advancement of the industry globally.

As for the sponsors of this event, there are Oceaneering , Eddyfi Technologies , Becht , Gecko Robotics , Siemens Energy , among others.

Here you can find out more information about the conference, including the full program and list of exhibitors.

Inspenet will be present at the API Summit 2024

Inspenet will be present at the 2024 API Summit covering every detail and obtaining exclusive interviews from the most outstanding representatives of the industry.

Through our website and social networks you will have access to the development of the event. Our team will offer complete coverage of it, from conferences to presentations to keep our community informed and updated with everything that is happening in real time.

Likewise, we invite you to enter our Inspenet TV section, where you can meet the industry leaders, the newest equipment and the best of the Conference.

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