Harbo developed a “first aid kit” to treat oil spills

Inspenet, January 18, 2023

The Israeli company, Harbo, has developed a compact floating boom that acts as a first aid kit by containing the oil spill until it can be removed.

According to the Harbo startup, the oil barrier is instant, easy to use and effective. It deploys in 15 minutes, acting immediately to contain the damage, placing the barrier around the spill to limit the spread instead of waiting hours for a boat crew to arrive.

Deploying the boom requires two operators, in a small boat the size of a lifeboat, releasing as many sections of the boom as necessary to encircle the spill.

The traditional barriers deployed by professional teams need to be anchored so that the waves do not overturn them. Many are also inflatable and need a power source like a generator and air compressor to deploy, which takes valuable time, unlike this new development.

According to Boaz Richter, general manager of the Harbo company, “the specialized teams that handle these oil spills attack the problem within 12 to 36 hours, depending on where it occurred and the geography of the area. But because water travels fast and engagement teams are really slow, you need a quick response.”

Once a boom has been deployed, the oil is either sucked up with an industrial version of a vacuum cleaner (known as a skimmer) or absorbed with a superabsorbent material, such as peat, wood products, or clay.

The device can be pre-installed anywhere a spill may occur, such as ports and on board large ships and oil rigs. It can also be supplied to marinas, guards and coastal and environmentally sensitive areas.

Source and Photo : https://aurora-israel.co.il/fuera-de-la-caja-el-botiquin-de-primeros-auxilios-para-tratar-derrames-de-petroleo/

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