China’s deepest borehole now almost 10,000 meters deep

Isbel Lázaro.

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China continues to be in the international spotlight with its Shendi Take-1 well drilling project, started a few months ago for scientific purposes and with the ambitious goal of setting a new record in Asia by becoming China’s deepest well in the world.

Drilling of China’s deepest well underway

The well, located in the Tarim basin (known for its vast oil reserves), has already reached a depth of 9,900 meters, approaching the 10,000-meter milestone. This achievement not only arouses interest for its scientific and economic implications, but also promises to advance the understanding of the formation and evolution of our planet. In addition, experts anticipate the discovery of significant oil and gas reserves. oil and gas reserves, which couldwhich could strengthen China’s energy independence.

It is important to note that this country has shown a commitment to renewable energies, although without abandoning the exploitation of fossil fuels.

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The complexity of the Tarim basin, with its vertically and horizontally challenging terrain, as well as a highly complicated geological structure, highlights China’s expertise in undertaking projects of this scale. At depths of 10 km, extreme temperature and pressure conditions add additional difficulties to drilling.

Likewise, the Tarim basin is not only the site of this impressive drilling project, but is also the most oil-rich region in China, where more than 60% of the country’s oil and gas resources are extracted. Reserves are located at depths of between 6,000 and 10,000 meters, which has prompted investment in advanced drilling technology, including the world’s first automated drilling rig capable of reaching 12,000 meters, comprised of nearly 200 state-of-the-art local components.

This project responds to a directive from Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has urged more subway excavations to identify mineral and energy resources in response to the country’s growing consumption. The initiative reflects China’s desire to establish itself as a superpower not only in technology and science but also in energy, complementing its dominance in the rare earths market. rare earthscrucial for the manufacture of modern technologies.

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