2 unusual rare earth minerals discovered in Finland

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Inspenet, November 5, 2023.

Finnish Minerals Group and the Geological Survey of Finland have detected the presence of two unprecedented minerals in Finland, kukharenkoite and cordilite , at the company’s Sokli mine, marking the first time these rare earth minerals have been found in the country.

We now have a clearer idea of ​​the presence of rare earth minerals in the different types of Sokli ore“declared Teo Lehto, project geologist. “The results will be used in future geological studies and models at Sokli and mineral processing tests, which serve as a basis for mineral resource estimation and mine planning and design.“.

The analysis work also has scientific value, and we have worked closely with both Finnish and international research partners ,” he added.

The discovery of rare earths

The newly found minerals were determined by examining segments of drill cores collected at Sokli. Finland is establishing itself as an important player in the extraction and transformation of metals for batteries.

Sokli, considered the world’s largest carbonatite deposit , could contribute at least 10% of Europe’s annual demand for rare earth elements required for the manufacture of permanent magnets.

It is great to get the expected results from our comprehensive long-term study. These findings are another step towards achieving our goal of exploiting this unique mineral deposit to safeguard Europe’s raw materials self-sufficiency.“declared the project director, Pasi Heino.

“The business opportunities in the Western world associated with REEs are increasing, and the production of magnets is among the key ways to advance the use of renewable energy and the electrification of transportation.”

Both mineralogical characterization and mineral processing testing will continue this winter and into 2024.

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