China launched Smart Dragon 3 rocket to send satellite

Isbel Lázaro.

cohete Smart Dragon 3 fue lanzado en China

Inspenet, December 7, 2023.

China carried out its seventh space launch, marking a milestone by using a Smart Dragon 3 rocket to send a CX-19 satellite designed by the Shanghai Microsatellite Innovation Academy.

The launch, carried out from a shuttle boat off the coast of Yangjiang, Guangdong province, took place at 3:24 am (local time). The CX-19 is intended for testing satellite internet services. This event represents an advance in Chinese space exploration, demonstrating its capacity for launches from maritime locations and its interest in developing satellite communication technologies.

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More details of the Smart Dragon 3 rocket

It is worth remembering that the Smart Dragon 3 rocket made its debut in December 2022 and stands out for its 31 meters in height and its diameter of 2.65 meters. Designed for commercial purposes, this model has a takeoff load capacity of 140 metric tons.

Its specifications allow the simultaneous launch of several satellites, with a combined weight that can reach up to 1.5 tons, according to information provided by the developers. This event marks China’s seventh sea launch and represents a significant advance in China’s space capability, diversifying its launch options.

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