ADA University and The George Washington University Cooperate to Offer Unique Opportunities for Engineering and Technology Students

Inspenet, May 5, 2023

ADA University and George Washington University in the United States have announced an expansion of their cooperation in the dual degree program. This news was released after a meeting that took place between a delegation from George Washington University and the rector of ADA University, Ambassador Hafiz Pashayev.

During the meeting, the rector announced the enrollment of six groups of students in the double degree program and highlighted the success of this modality, as well as the support of partners as reasons for expanding cooperation. In addition, he announced that the cooperation will now follow a new “4+1” format, which will allow applicants to pursue a bachelor’s degree at ADA University and a master’s degree at George Washington University.

The dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Engineering at ADA University, Abzatdin Adamov, presented the results of the double degree program to date, noting that mechanisms have been developed to strengthen cooperation with professors from George Washington University. Future forms of collaboration were also discussed, including the training of doctoral students and the hiring of professors.

George Washington University Dean John Luck stressed the importance of expanding global cooperation, stating that ADA University occupies a special place in this cooperation. In addition, he pointed out that the acquisition of international experience by students in their fields of study is one of the many topics dealt with under the new “4+1” cooperation format.

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ADA University and George Washington University team up to train international leaders

The Minister of Science and Education, Emin Amrullayev, stressed that the double degree program will be useful for the training of local personnel and that, in addition to training competitive young people, it has also contributed to the professionalism of teachers, the start-up of joint research and development projects of universities.

For their part, the representatives of George Washington University stressed that double degree programs strengthen collaboration between the university and industry and promote the international exchange of experiences. It was also pointed out that the support of the business sector is extremely important for the development of the research ecosystem and the correct distribution of the graduates of the program to the sectors by the mentors of the academy.

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Notably, ADA University offers a joint dual degree program with George Washington University in Computer Science and Data Analysis since 2020 and in Electrical Engineering and Electric Power since 2021. Degree students from the Department of Information Technology and Engineering at ADA University will be directly admitted to the one-year master’s program through the Adapted Program, further increasing quality education opportunities for students.

Overall, this expanded cooperation between ADA University and George Washington University in the dual degree program is excellent news for students and professionals in the field of computer science and electrical engineering. The acquisition of international experience, the training of doctors and the recruitment of professors are essential elements for the university.

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