TrackAlytix Brings Innovation to ILTA 2024: Revolutionizing Fuel Tank Monitoring

This is TrackAlytix first appearance at ILTA, and Chris Fox expressed his enthusiasm for the event. The company has made valuable connections and is excited about the potential for growth in the North American market.

TrackAlytix, a leader in remote fuel tank monitoring and route optimization solutions, showcased its innovative technology at the ILTA conference this week. Chris Fox, CEO of TrackAlytix, discussed with the Inspenet team how the company’s easy-to-install devices and cloud-based platform are helping businesses of all sizes streamline operations and improve efficiency.

One Device, Many Uses: TrackAlytix Monitors Anything, Anywhere

TrackAlytix solution is designed for ease of use. Their devices can be installed in under ten minutes and begin transmitting data within three minutes. The system monitors fuel levels, pressure, and can even handle various liquid densities, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Also offers a flexible solution that caters to different customer needs. Companies can choose a subscription model that includes the device, data portal, and ongoing monitoring. Alternatively, they can purchase the device outright and leverage APIs to integrate Track Olympics’ data into their existing back-end systems.

Success Story: 600,000 Units Sold – TrackAlytix Makes a Splash at ILTA 2024

Chris Fox highlighted a successful partnership with Repsol, a major oil and gas company in Europe. TrackAlytix solutions helped Repsol manage fuel distribution routes across its vast customer base, resulting in significant operational improvements.

Now, with over 600,000 units sold worldwide, TrackAlytix is a proven leader in the fuel tank monitoring industry. They are currently expanding their presence in the US market and see ILTA as a key opportunity to connect with potential partners and customers.

Chris Fox, CEO of TrackAlytix
Chris Fox at ILTA 2024

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