Petro-Calibrations: A Legacy of Innovation in the Oil Industry, Led by the Hybrid Turbo Meter

Petro-Calibrations: From distributor to oilfield equipment creator, a company with a vision.

At the ILTA 2024 conference in Houston, Dulce Carolina González, CEO of Petro-Calibrations, a Mexican company specializing in metering equipment for the oil industry, spoke with Inspenet about their expansion into the United States through the creation of Petro-Meters.

Petro-Calibrations: A Family Tradition of Innovation

González, who comes from a family with extensive experience in the sector, highlighted that Petro-Calibrations was founded in 2012 as a partnership between her and her brother. The company has its roots in the oilfield equipment sales business started by her father.

The Hybrid Turbo Meter: A Versatile Solution for Oilfield Measurement

González presented Petro-Calibrations’ flagship product: the Hybrid Turbo Meter. This innovative equipment stands out for its versatility, as it can be used both with and without pumping, adapting to the specific needs of each client.

In addition, she emphasized the ease of use and flexibility offered by the Hybrid Turbo Meter, which sets it apart from the competition. Many customers need equipment that can operate both with and without pumping, and Petro-Calibrations offers them this comprehensive solution.

Petro-Calibrations’ Transformation: From Distributor to Creator of Oilfield Equipment

González pointed out that Petro-Calibrations started as a distributor of metering and pumping equipment, but over time, the company has evolved to become a creator of its own equipment. Currently, the company assembles its equipment, manufactures the metallurgy, and is even in the process of obtaining certification for the manufacture of its electrical cabinets.

Petro-Meters: Expanding Petro-Calibrations’ Reach in the U.S.

The main objective of creating Petro-Meters is to expand Petro-Calibrations’ presence in the U.S. market. Through this new subsidiary, the company seeks to offer its products and services to customers in the Texas Valley and throughout the country.

Dulce Carolina González, CEO of Petro-Calibrations
Dulce Carolina González at ILTA 2024

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