Element 13: Revolutionizing Tank Storage with Innovative Aluminum Solutions

Element 13: Innovative aluminum tank storage solutions for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In the recent edition of ILTA, Inspenet had the pleasure of interviewing Krystal Holifield-Potts, President of Element 13, an emerging company revolutionizing the design and manufacturing of aluminum engineered products for tank storage.

Element 13: Meeting Your Specific Requirements

Element 13 specializes in designing aluminum domes, internal floating roofs, and seals for storage tanks. “Anything that’s aluminum and can be engineered, we can do it,” says Krystal. The company also offers structural engineering services and extruded flat panels for wastewater treatment. Element 13’s products are designed and manufactured entirely in the United States, with offices in Tomball, Texas, and a manufacturing facility in Colorado Springs.

Each Element 13 product is specifically designed to meet the needs of the customer. “Tanks can have different sizes and needs depending on the product they are storing,” explains Krystal. The company offers internal floating roofs and geodesic domes, which can be suspended by cables from the dome or supported on the tank bottom, depending on the specific requirements.

Despite being a young company with only two years in the market, Element 13 has established a strong domestic foothold and is beginning to expand internationally. Krystal, with extensive experience in structural forensics, commercial building design, and offshore construction, identified several areas in the tank industry that could be improved in terms of efficiency and cost. “We can bring a value engineering component to the products, making them more affordable,” she comments.

Dedicated Support: From Problem-Solving to Customized Services

Krystal emphasizes Element 13’s commitment to its customers: “We’re always here to help solve problems, just a phone call away. Our focus is on being accessible and available.” With a diverse engineering team, Element 13 offers a wide range of services tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Element 13, with its focus on innovation and customer service, is poised for continued growth and expansion in the tank storage market. Krystal Holifield-Potts and her team are always available to provide efficient and effective solutions to their clients.

Krystal Holifield-Potts, President of Element 13
Krystal Holifield at ILTA 2024

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