Boerger Pumps’: The Global Standard for Industrial Pumping Excellence

Power your operations with Boerger Pumps. Innovative rotary low pumps for oil & gas, water, chemicals, and more.

Boerger, LLC, a leading manufacturer of industrial pumps, was showcasing its rotary low pumps at the 2024 International Liquid Terminal Association (ILTA) conference, where the Inspenet team got an interview with Drew Volbrecht, Industrial Sales Manager at Boerger, LLC, and discussed the pumps’ applications and features during.

Boerger Pumps: Versatile Rotary Low Pumps for Diverse Applications

Boerger Pumps’ rotary low pumps are positive displacement pumps used in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, water/wastewater, chemical processing, and paint manufacturing. These versatile pumps are ideal for tank terminal applications like transfer loading and unloading, with costs varying based on size and capacity. They range from $5,000 per pump for capacities around 5 gallons per minute to $7,500 for pumps handling up to 7,500 gallons per minute.

Seamless Solutions, Global Reach

Boerger Pumps isn’t just a manufacturer – they’re your one-stop shop for industrial pumping solutions. With a global presence and their North American headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they provide top-notch rotary low pumps wherever you need them. Their focus is on crafting reliable pumps and getting them into your hands, but their support goes beyond the sale. They can connect you with a network of qualified contractors to ensure a seamless pump installation, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Drew Volbrecht, Industrial Sales Manager at Boerger Pumps
Drew Volbrecht at ILTA 2024

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