Sherwin-Williams Strengthens Industry Ties at ILTA 2024

Sherwin-Williams: Bio-Fuel Tank Solutions. Innovative coatings for bio-fuel compatibility and longevity. Discover more at ILTA 2024.

Sherwin-Williams, a leading global provider of paints and coatings, is highlighting their commitment to innovation and sustainability at the ILTA 2024 conference. In an interview with the Inspenet team, Kristin Leonard, North America Energy Market Director was showcasing their extensive portfolio of tank terminal and pipeline coatings, with a particular focus on their bio-fuel resistant lining solutions.

Ensuring Compatibility: Sherwin-Williams Tests Linings for Bio-Fuels

Sherwin-Williams is taking a proactive approach to the growing bio-fuel market.  For the past two years, they’ve been conducting a comprehensive testing program to ensure the compatibility of their internal lining products with various bio-fuels.  This research is critical because bio-fuels, derived from sustainable sources like used cooking oils, have different properties compared to traditional crude oil. These differences can impact the performance and longevity of tank linings, making compatibility testing essential.

Innovation for Expansion: Sherwin-Williams Responds to the Growing Bio-Fuel Market

Kristen highlighted the surging significance of bio-fuels in the energy sector. She emphasized that Sherwin-Williams is at the forefront, actively testing and developing innovative coating solutions specifically tailored to meet the demands of this rapidly expanding market.

The interview wrapped up on a positive note, with both parties expressing their excitement for upcoming industry events. Kristen secured the conversation by confirming Sherwin-Williams’ participation at the Advanced Materials Performance (AMP) conference in Nashville next year. This suggests a strong commitment from Sherwin-Williams to continuous engagement with the industry.

Kristin Leonard, North America Energy Market Director at Sherwin-Williams
Kristin Leonard at ILTA 2024

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