Becht: Celebrating 60 Years of Industry Leadership and Growth

ILTA 2024: Becht highlights 60 years of innovation and partnership in the terminal industry.

Becht, a leading company in the terminal industry, celebrated its 60th anniversary at the 2024 International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) Annual Conference held in Houston, Texas.

In an exclusive interview with Inspenet, Rafael Rengifo, Director Midstream at Becht, highlighted the significance of the company’s participation in ILTA: “It’s a major conference that brings together many key players in the terminal business. Being here is simply something you can’t afford to miss.”

Celebrating 60 Years: Beck Leverages Industry Events for Growth

Throughout the year, Becht has actively participated in industry events like API and the Koker workshop in Houston. These opportunities allow the company to forge new connections with potential partners and solidify existing relationships with key players in the industry.

Celebrating six decades of success, Becht takes immense pride in its extensive industry experience and unwavering commitment to innovation. As Rafael reflects, “Six decades may seem like a long time, but it’s flown by, leaving us with a wealth of experience.”

Looking ahead, Becht is eager to continue its growth trajectory. ILTA 2024 provides the perfect platform to explore new ventures and forge strategic partnerships that fuel future success.

Rafael Rengifo, Director Midstream at Becht
Rafael Rengifo at ILTA 2024

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