UK to increase subsidies for offshore wind energy

energía eólica marina

Inspenet, November 21, 2023.

The United Kingdom Government plans to increase subsidies for offshore wind energy by 66% with the aim of stimulating new projects that, according to the authorities, will help reduce the cost of electricity bills in the country.

The move comes after a recent auction for offshore wind projects attracted no bids. In response, the Government has increased the price it pays per megawatt hour (MWh) from 44 pounds (50 euros) to 73 pounds (83 euros).

The offshore wind sector, facing rising costs, rejected the latest auction, believing the subsidies offered were too low.

Offshore wind energy in the UK

Claire Coutinho, Britain’s energy minister, said authorities recognize that “global challenges” have affected offshore wind energy and that the new auction terms are intended to promote the development of “local clean energy.” In addition, the Government plans to increase the maximum offer price for other renewable energy sources, including a 30% increase for solar parks.

For his part, the representative in the United Kingdom of the Danish company Ørsted, the main wind developer worldwide, stated that the measure announced today is ” a clear signal from the Government that offshore wind energy can and will be the backbone of our future energy mix .”

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