Spanish company Keybotic develops ‘robot-dog’ that detects gas and vapor leaks

Inspenet, February 3, 2023

The Spanish start-up company Keybotic has developed an autonomous ‘robot-dog’ capable of detecting gas and vapor leaks, very useful for carrying out industrial inspections in chemical or mining areas.

The Keyper ‘robot-dog’ can autonomously access complex environments, such as mines or very wide or narrow underground areas, and carry out security tasks such as the detection of gases, vapors and hot areas, as well as reading meters and of other instruments.

Keybotic was created in 2020 with an initial investment of one million euros, contributed by the co-founders and by private investors, with the ultimate goal of making autonomous robotics more accessible to companies in the industrial sector through the rental of this machinery.

Keyper, measures 95 centimeters long and 60 high, supported by four articulated legs. It can move between gravel, unevenness, pipes and stairs, accessing dangerous areas where incidents such as gas leaks can occur. It is similar to the well-known creation of the American Boston Dynamics.

The Keybotic company anticipates that Keyper will be on the market by mid-2023.

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Photo : Keybotic

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