First solar glass factory in the U.S. with recycled solar panels

Joshua Falcón.

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U.S.-based SOLARCYCLE has announced an estimated $344 million investment to establish a solar glass factory in Cedartown, Georgia, based on recycled solar panels. They aim to“highlight remarkable progress towards sustainability and the circular economy” in the field of solar energy.

This innovative project, which will begin construction in 2024 and is expected to be operational by 2026, represents a crucial step forward in the implementation of a recycled solar panel ecosystem in the United States.

Sustainability in production with recycled solar panels

This facility, a pioneer in the United States, will transform disused solar panels into new solar glass using recycled materials. This approach reflects a commitment to the environment and efficiency in solar energy production.

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SOLARCYCLE‘s advanced recycling technology allows for the recovery of up to 95% of the value of discarded solar panels. This process sets a precedent in solar waste management and sustainable manufacturing, promoting more responsible practices within the industry.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has praised this project as a transformative investment for Polk County, anticipating considerable economic benefit for the region. SC’s presence in Georgia will also establish the company as one of the premier producers of specialty glass for crystalline silicon (c-Si) photovoltaics in the U.S., with an estimated annual production capacity of 5 to 6 GW of solar glass.

Cutting-edge in solar recycling

This initiative plays an essential role in the U.S. solar industry supply chain, ensuring access to critical materials for the domestic manufacture of recycled solar panels. This step is crucial to the move towards more sustainable and efficient solar production in the U.S.

Now, with operations already underway in Odessa, Texas, and Mesa, Arizona, and partnerships established with more than forty of the nation’s leading solar companies, SOLARCYCLE is leading the way in solar recycling innovation. The construction of this new plant in the Cedartown North Business Park, recognized by the Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development (GRAD) program, reinforces the development of an integrated and sustainable solar supply chain in Georgia.

SC’s initiative not only demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, but also highlights the importance of synergy between the public and private sectors to progress towards a cleaner energy future. After turning something as simple as “recycled solar panels” into a new employment and development opportuni