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Quimatic Tapmatic highlighted its participation in LatinCORR 2023

Inspenet, November 6, 2023.

Within the framework of the LatinCORR & InterCorr 2023 Conference , the renowned company Quima t ic Tapmatic reaffirmed its 43 years of experience in the market and its position as a leader in high-performance coatings and solutions.

In this context, Marcelo Françoso, Technical Commercial Manager of Quimatic Tapmatic, shared his vision and strategy for the future and began by highlighting the importance of the event, calling it the “main corrosion event in Brazil and Latin America.”

For Quimatic Tapmatic, participation represents a valuable opportunity to network and establish contacts with important companies and organizations that influence the national market.

We want to open new horizons with large companies and organizations that serve the national market and participate in all the discussions that take place at large congresses .”

With more than four decades of experience in the national market, the company has distinguished itself for its focus on epoxy resins, cold coatings, high-performance protectors, among other products, thus positioning itself as a leader in its sector and demonstrating a strong commitment with quality and innovation.

Regarding Quimatic Tapmatic’s vision for 2024, Françoso revealed ambitious plans that include greater investment and the launch of new products aimed at various markets, not just limited to the corrosion market. The company seeks to expand its presence in sectors such as mining, oil and gas, among others, which predicts positive expectations for next year.

Likewise, Françoso also shared the secret of the company’s success as a leader in the national market. “A lot of work, advertising and technical support,” he stated, highlighting the presence of the company’s technical consultants in practically all Brazilian capitals. These experts bring technology directly to the industry, promoting solutions and providing ongoing support to customers. Furthermore, the feedback from these technicians contributes to the continuous improvement of the company’s products and services.

Quimatic Tapmatic is proud of its position as a national market leader and is committed to continuing to provide high-quality, innovative solutions to its customers across a wide spectrum of industries.

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