Introducing the first edition of Inspenet Brief

Inspenet, February 14, 2023

At Inspenet, love is the engine that drives us to achieve even those things that may seem impossible. That is why, this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to deliver a very special gift to all who visit the website, presenting the first edition of Inspenet Brief.

Inspenet Brief’s axis is to inform the latest developments and technologies in the industrial sector, through a diverse content, with interesting technical articles and reports. An innovative proposal that offers, in a pleasant tone and with a very visual approach, notes on quality and reliability processes, maritime terminals, natural gas, mining and new energies, among others.

The first issue of this publication also includes an exclusive interview with Ana Ludlow, Vice President of Government Affairs and Sustainability of ENGIE and President of the Energy Committee of the National Chamber of Industrial Transformation. Ludlow addresses an important topic, such as the energy transformation in Mexico and Latin America.

We celebrate this new bridge to continue getting closer. For the Inspenet community to access from wherever they are, the Inspenet Brief is available digitally as a free download at the link:

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