Glenfarne Energy Transition and Samsung Engineering team up to lead energy transition with hydrogen and ammonia

Inspenet, May 5, 2023

Glenfarne Energy Transition, LLC, together with its subsidiaries, announced the execution and start-up of a collaboration agreement with samsung engineering to complete feasibility studies for multiple green hydrogen and ammonia projects in Chile as part of the recently announced ‘Glenfarne Hydrogen Fuels Initiative’.

Fuels based on this vector as a primary source of energy generate few or no greenhouse gas emissions. They have a wide variety of applications in different industries, making them a versatile supplement to fossil fuels.

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Hydrogen and ammonia: The keys to the energy transition in Chile led by Glenfarne Energy Transition and Samsung Engineering

“Glenfarne Energy Transition is delighted to strategically collaborate with Samsung Engineering on hydrogen fuel projects that will be vital to advancing the energy transition in Chile, Asia and Europe,” said Brendan Duval, CEO and Founder of Glenfarne Energy Transition, LLC.

He added: “We see great potential for Chile’s green hydrogen and ammonia to help advance global decarbonization and achieve energy security.”

Green Pegasus, the first project being developed as part of the agreement, will have up to two gigawatts (GW) of installed solar PV capacity and is estimated to produce 459 kilotonnes (kton) of green ammonia and 89 kton of green hydrogen per year.

Green Pegasus will primarily focus on exporting to Asia, particularly South Korea, and Europe, where Glenfarne maintains a number of trading and business partners.

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