Ford unveiled a new solar power plant in Europe

Inspenet, February 10, 2023

Ford continues to advance its path towards a more sustainable future with the creation of a new solar power plant at its Almussafes facility in Valencia, Spain.

By 2035, the company’s commitment is that all vehicles sold in Europe are zero-emission electric; in addition to achieving neutrality throughout its European carbon footprint, both in its facilities and in the logistics processes and suppliers. This solar plant, which began operations at the end of 2022, shows Ford’s firm commitment to fulfill this commitment.

The photovoltaic area, which converts solar energy into electricity, is located in a non-productive area of the Valencian plant, encompassing two extensions of solar panels capable of producing, each year, energy equivalent to the operation of 1,400 average homes.

To reach 10 megawatts of peak power by 2024, Ford plans to expand solar panel areas to other unproductive land. Also, in the future, the feasibility of installing solar panels on the roofs of the buildings of the facilities is being studied.

As of January 1, 2022, all electrical energy used at Ford’s Almussafes plant comes from renewable sources, as does all electrical energy purchased to power Ford manufacturing facilities across Europe. The company continually looks for ways to increase its use of clean energy and has a goal of using 100% carbon-free electricity in all its global manufacturing by 2035.

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