Delphy: a solution for large-scale hydrogen storage

almacenamiento de hidrógeno

Vallourec , a company in the energy sector, has introduced its revolutionary compressed hydrogen storage system called ” Delphy “. This unique, modular design, especially conceived for challenging industrial environments, provides a safe and compact solution for large-scale vertical hydrogen storage .

This is the first installation of this type in the world, which is based on pipes and connections that have demonstrated their sealing and corrosion resistance technology.

Vallourec, as a pioneer of this concept, establishes its position as a key player in the hydrogen value chain, providing an innovative underground system capable of safely storing up to 100 tons of hydrogen gas. This solution serves green hydrogen producers, as well as users in industrial applications and heavy mobility, facilitating global decarbonization.

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Delphy system for hydrogen storage

The Delphy system employs pipes and fittings with proven sealing and corrosion resistance technology to enable underground storage of up to 100 tonnes of hydrogen gas . This technological advance is especially beneficial for green hydrogen producers, industrial applications and heavy mobility, guaranteeing optimal safety conditions.

Notably, the company has launched this solution under a new brand aimed at supporting the energy transition and is expected to contribute significantly to Vallourec’s EBITDA by 2030. The facility, located in Aulnoye-Aymeries, where Vallourec has its industrial base and global R&D centre, results from a project launched last year, which involved approximately thirty experts and highlighted the Group’s diverse experience in areas such as manufacturing of threads, heat treatments and non-destructive testing.

Philippe Guillemot, President and CEO of the Vallourec Group, has highlighted the promising outlook for the hydrogen market and the strategic value of the company’s technologies for emerging energy sectors. Furthermore, it reaffirms the Group’s ambition to play a crucial role in the transition to a low-carbon economy by 2050.

For her part, Ulrika Wising, SVP of Energy Transition and member of the Vallourec Executive Committee, added that the company’s innovative vertical hydrogen storage solution represents a significant achievement. It provides large-scale, reliable, modular and competitive storage capacity, consolidating Vallourec’s position as a unique value proposition to drive the development of the hydrogen economy.

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