Ameca, the amazing humanoid robot based on Artificial Intelligence

Inspenet, April 27, 2023

Ameca, the humanoid robot created by the company Engineered Arts , advances every day in its ability to interact thanks to Artificial Intelligence. “I’m happy to be a robot because I don’t age and I don’t have wrinkles,” he jokes with his interlocutor.

Its next step will be to work with the GPT-4 technology, the one that powers ChatGPT, in order to further expand on its responses.

With the Artificial Intelligence she possesses in the present, Ameca can move, speak, and express a variety of emotions ranging from happiness to anger. When he progresses to GPT-4, he will undoubtedly go to a higher instance.

Currently, the humanoid robot is rentable for scientific and technological events.

1720 Robot humanoide Ameca interna
Ameca, the amazing humanoid robot based on Artificial Intelligence

Work with Artificial Intelligence

This robot has surprised us for some years. This robot, defined as “the most advanced humanoid in the world”, was initially shown in 2021, debuting before the public at CES 2022.

His natural movement, which includes facial expressions, helped him relate more and better with anyone. Ameca’s hardware is based on research built on technology from Mesmer, the company’s first robot.

With this system, “powerful, elegant and profitable” robots were built, in the words of its developers. In addition to Ameca and Mesmer, Engineered Arts created Quinn and RoboThespian.

The robot’s dream: to have legs one day

The project is still underway to make the robot walk, which has no legs, as he himself explains. “My creators are always developing my systems, so in the future I will be even more expressive, more dexterous, more autonomous and more useful to humanity,” Blondie told Supercar. “I may even have legs to walk one day.”

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