Advanced UHP Cleaning Technology by Jetstream at AMPP 2024

At AMPP, Jetstream showcases its ultra-high-pressure (UHP) water cleaning technology, emphasizing its unique approach to surface preparation and coating removal. With cutting-edge tools like the 'tornado shotgun' and high-efficiency robots, Jetstream delivers effective solutions for both industrial and residential applications.

During AMPP 2024, Jetstream stood out for its innovative approach to ultra-high-pressure (UHP) water cleaning. Jordan Koster, Product & Marketing Manager, shared how their company significantly differentiates itself in the market by focusing on surface preparation and efficient coating removal without creating new surface profiles.

Unlike traditional abrasive techniques, our UHP technology restores surfaces to their original state, avoiding the entrapment of contaminants in micro-profiles. This ensures a perfect base for applying new coatings.” Jordan explains.

Tornado Shotgun and Cleaning Robots

The “tornado shotgun” a pneumatic tool designed for precision work, and the Magtrak robot, stand as central pieces of their technological arsenal, offering a cleaning rate of up to 100 square meters per hour down to bare white metal.

From Residential Pools to the Oil & Gas Industry

Jetstream not only offers solutions for the industrial sector, such as tank cleaning in oil and gas, but also for residential applications like pool renovation, demonstrating the versatility and efficacy of its UHP technology.

For more information about Jetstream’s ultra-high-pressure water cleaning solutions, visit their website at

Jordan Koster from Jetstream at AMPP 2024

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