Pourbaix Award 2024: Jorge Escribano’s Triumph at AMPP

The story of Jorge Escribano, awarded in the Pourbaix category at AMPP 2024, and his message of perseverance and hope for future engineers.

At the recent AMPP event held in New Orleans, Jorge Escribano, Graduate Research Assistant at UTSA (The University of Texas at San Antonio), has been honored with the prestigious first place in the Pourbaix category, standing out among students and researchers for his exceptional contribution to the AMPP community.

An Unexpected and Honorable Recognition

It was a work to collaborate in the AMPP community,” comments Escribano, who did not expect to receive such an honor. His humility and dedication highlight the importance of perseverance and commitment to excellence in the field of engineering.

Escribano, under the guidance of Dr. Brendy Rincón, emphasizes that the value of effort is not measured solely by the awards received but by the persistence and ability to overcome challenges. “Every work is worth it, and nothing, let them continue with hard work,” he advises his colleagues and future engineers.

As a Latino in the field of engineering, Escribano stands as an example of success and resilience, demonstrating that effort and dedication are key to standing out in international events like AMPP.

Jorge Escribano honored first palce in the Pourbaix Category at AMPP 2024

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