AMPP 2024: Inspenet Announces Venezuela Student Chapter

Eduardo Lodato and Inspenet in celebrating the AMPP 2024 Venezuela Student Chapter launch—shaping the future of engineering together.

In a landmark moment at the Annual AMPP 2024 conference, Inspenet proudly announces the approval of the AMPP Venezuela Student Chapter, a significant achievement led by Eduardo Lodato, the newly appointed president.

This approval marks a milestone in our journey towards fostering innovation and collaboration among engineering students in Venezuela,” Eduardo Lodato expressed

With 25 students already registered from three prestigious universities—The University of Zulia, Rafael Urdaneta University, and the University of Oriente—this initiative is set to revolutionize the engineering community in Venezuela. “We extend an open invitation to all students across Venezuela to join us in this exciting venture,” Lodato urges, signaling a new era of research and community support at the University of Zulia.

Join the AMPP Venezuela Student Chapter today and be part of a growing community dedicated to engineering excellence. Contact Eduardo Lodato at to get started.

Eduardo Lodato Chairman at AMPP Venezuela Student Chapter

For more content related to the conference visit and our Youtube channel.

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