AMPP New Orleans 2024: Surpassing Records with Innovative Technical Symposia

Greg Muha shares his excitement for the AMPP 2024 Annual Conference and Expo in New Orleans, highlighting record attendance, the technical program's breadth, and AMPP's vibrant chapter growth.

As the AMPP New Orleans 2024 Annual Conference and Expo unfolds, Greg Muha, Director of Conferences, Exhibits, and Sponsorships, shares an inside look into the preparation and expectations surrounding this pivotal event. With pre-registrations surpassing last year’s figures and a comprehensive technical program in place, AMPP is on track to deliver an unprecedented conference experience.

Unprecedented Attendance and Exhibitor Engagement

Anticipating an attendance of between 5,900 to 6,200 participants, AMPP 2024 is poised to exceed past records, reflecting the industry’s thriving interest in technical innovation and collaboration. The conference showcases 381 exhibitors and 44 sponsors, presenting an unmatched opportunity for industry professionals to engage with the latest technologies and services.

A Technical Program of Exceptional Breadth

Highlighting the conference’s educational offerings, Muha emphasizes the technical program’s outstanding quality, featuring 45 symposia, 431 papers, and numerous sessions on cutting-edge topics such as sustainability, carbon capture, and hydrogen energy. This year’s focus responds directly to member feedback, ensuring relevant and forward-thinking content that addresses the industry’s current challenges and opportunities.

Celebrating Chapter Growth and Global Participation

Reaching the milestone of 100 chapters globally, AMPP strengthens its local and international presence, fostering a sense of community and engagement among its members. This growth not only enhances the organization’s impact but also enriches the conference experience by bringing diverse perspectives and expertise to the forefront of discussions.

Greg Muha from AMPP at AMPP New Orleans 2024

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