AMPP’s Vision for the Future: 100 Chapters and Major Announcements

In an exclusive interview with Inspenet, Amir Eliezer, immediate past chair of AMPP, unveils exciting updates on AMPP’s global expansion, the launch of new chapters, and enhanced membership benefits, embodying the vision of "one AMPP, one world.

In a revealing conversation with Inspenet, Amir Eliezer, immediate past chair of the AMPP Board of Directors, shared insights on the progress and ambitious initiatives of AMPP. Emphasizing a vision of unity and strengthened global community, AMPP celebrates a significant milestone with the launch of its 100th chapter, reaffirming its commitment to growth and inclusivity.

Expanding AMPP’s Global Reach: A Milestone Achievement

AMPP marks the achievement of 100 global chapters, reinforcing its international presence and underlining the importance of a unified network. This expansion not only showcases AMPP’s dedication to connecting professionals worldwide but also highlights the organization’s role in leading the industry towards a collaborative future.

New Chapters and Exclusive Benefits for Members

Beyond global expansion, AMPP introduces significant benefits for its members, including reduced membership fees and the establishment of 20 student chapters. These initiatives are part of a broader strategy to revolutionize member engagement and support, with a special focus on empowering the next generation of professionals.

A Promising Future with Innovative Developments

Looking ahead, Amir Eliezer teases future announcements that will further solidify AMPP’s leadership in the field, emphasizing the collective effort required to achieve a common goal. This forward-looking approach ensures that AMPP remains at the forefront of industry advancements, uniting members under the banner of “one AMPP one world.

Amir Eliezer from AMPP at AMPP 2024

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