Z-53: the futuristic drone with artificial intelligence

Isbel Lázaro.

dron futurista diseñado por los rusos

Inspenet, December 27, 2023.

Russia’s topwar.ru portal reported last month that Russian designers are continually improving combat drones and developing new unmanned aircraft. The Russian side claims that Product 53 of the Lancet family, known as Z-53 and presented to the public some time ago, “has acquired amazing capabilities and has become even more useful for implementation in special military operations.”

Z-53: the futuristic and intelligent drone

The modified version of this device has a built-in artificial intelligence guidance system that operates automatically, eliminating the need for a human operator, and has the ability to recognize predefined targets.

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Consequently, the Z-53 has the ability to identify and attack targets autonomously according to previously established parameters. Additionally, the new kamikaze drones have improved in both accuracy and range.

After launch, the wings, previously folded against the body, unfold, turning it into a futuristic drone in its appearance. A propeller located at the back propels the drone forward, while a high-resolution camera on the head of the drone is responsible for searching for the target.

The Z-53 kamikaze drone, equipped with a 5-kilogram explosive charge, can carry out missions independently or in groups (swarms), which increases its danger.

These unmanned aerial vehicles were initially presented at the Armata-2023 military-technical forum and began testing in the zone of special military operations at the end of October.

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