Goodbye ChatGPT? Google launches Gemini, its artificial intelligence model

gemini el modelo de inteligencia artificial de google

Inspenet, December 8, 2023.

Google launched its latest artificial intelligence model called Gemini this Wednesday, with the aim of competing with OpenAI’s GPT models. This announcement reflects Google’s expansive ambitions, presenting it as the company’s largest and most powerful AI model.

An innovative fact is that Google has the vision of integrating this model in various environments, from large corporations to consumer devices, such as the Google Pixel 8 Pro. Unlike other models, Gemini stands out for being multimodal, allowing you to handle inputs that include text, images, audio, video and programming code.

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This new era of models represents one of the largest science and engineering efforts we have undertaken as a company ,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a blog post.

In an effort to stay ahead, Google has updated its artificial intelligence chatbot, Bard, with a version of the aforementioned model. The company plans to deploy Gemini in widely used products, such as the Google search engine and the Chrome web browser, which have a large global user base.

Gemini or ChatGPT?

This announcement represents an attempt to regain the leadership position, especially after Google and other tech giants were caught off guard a year ago with the massive and suddenly popular launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, triggering accelerated competition in the intelligence industry. generative artificial intelligence and generating a global debate on the risks and benefits of AI.

Gemini during an audio processing and comprehension test
Gemini during an audio processing and comprehension test

Likewise, the company has announced that Gemini 1.0 is available in three different variants: Elder brother, optimized for mobile devices and app developers; Pro, the default model designed for a wide variety of tasks and users; and Ultra, the most advanced version of the artificial intelligence model developed by Google, which is still in the security testing phase.

During testing, Google’s Gemini model outperformed its competitors in more than twenty-four benchmark tests commonly used by artificial intelligence researchers to evaluate an algorithm’s reading comprehension, math ability, and multiphase reasoning abilities, the company reported. .

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