They turn recycled tires into batteries for electric vehicles

baterías para vehículos eléctricos a partir de neumáticos

Inspenet, December 13, 2023.

Chile is at the forefront of sustainable innovation thanks to T-Phite , an initiative supported by Sustrend Laboratory that transforms disused tires into modern batteries for electric vehicles . Privately funded, this process not only addresses the annual challenge of managing more than 1 million end-of-life tires, but also contributes to making lithium-ion battery production more sustainable.

The CEO of T-Phite, Bernardita Díaz, explains the innovative Chilean technology: ” This is a technology where tire waste is transformed into Hot Carbon, and that Hot Carbon is an anode material that is used for electromobility batteries .”

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The tire component and batteries for electric vehicles

The procedure involves refining carbon black obtained from discarded tires through the pyrolysis process, transforming it into hard graphitic carbon suitable for batteries, an essential component in the anode of lithium-ion batteries.

Díaz highlights the novelty of the procedure, effectively addressing two essential challenges: the final management of tires and the growing need for materials for electric mobility. “Our work has been designed or eco-designed from the beginning to understand that, although the battery or Hot Carbon can be used in lithium ion batteries, sodium batteries and metal capacitor, it has a sustainable and environmentally friendly destination.“.

Although recycling rates have seen an increase, a significant amount of discarded tires still end up in landfills. T-Phite not only aims to address this problem, but also to promote the circular economy.

The company has attracted interest from potential investors to take this process to an industrial scale , highlighting how innovation can play a vital role in environmental sustainability and the transition to electric mobility.

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