Bolivia will execute its largest lithium-ion battery storage system

Inspenet, January 18, 2023

Bolivia’s largest lithium-ion battery storage system is nearing completion on a shared photovoltaic solar site.

According to the World Energy Trade portal, the project involves partners such as Jinko, SMA and the battery storage provider Cegasa. This photovoltaic solar array consists of 336 540 Wp modules from Jinko and a 140 kW inverter from SMA.

Jinko and SMA are among the world’s largest producers of photovoltaic modules and inverters, respectively.

Cegasa recently announced its participation in the project in Cerro San Simón, municipality of Baures, in the Bolivian part of the Amazon. The company provided the lithium-ion batteries for the energy storage part of the project, which amounts to 800 kWh.

On the other hand, Cegasa stated that it is the largest lithium-ion energy storage system in the South American country.

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