Meet the submarine that dives to more than 2,000 meters

submarino Aurelia

Inspenet, December 11, 2023.

Aurelia, the acrylic submarine designed for three people, stands out as the deepest manned submersible vessel in the world. Triton Submarines LLC built it as a self-propelled Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) for REV Ocean.

This submersible, completely built in Spain, defies physical limitations and has achieved a milestone by allowing up to three scientists to dive to a depth of 2,300 meters . Its most notable feature is a panoramic glass that offers an almost complete 360-degree view.

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submarine Aurelia
The submersible offers an almost complete 360-degree view

Aurelia offers scientists, researchers and guests a unique ocean observation experience thanks to its enormous acrylic sphere. In addition to providing nearly 360-degree uninterrupted vision, the acrylic sphere provides an immersive experience for occupants.

This state-of-the-art submarine has cameras, sampling equipment, scientific sensors, tools and other advanced technologies to carry out comprehensive underwater research.

Nina Jensen, the CEO of REV Ocean (the company that commissioned the construction of this submarine) said: ” Aurelia is absolutely incredible and perfectly designed for REV Ocean’s scientific goals and ambitions .”

It should be noted that the REV Ocean submarine has completed rigorous maritime tests in the vicinity of the Balearic Islands with the aim of evaluating its capabilities, performance and scientific equipment.

For his part, Triton co-founder and president Patrick Lahey said: “Triton is proud to support the REV Ocean Project’s ambitious initiative to delve deeper, explore further and learn more about the ocean. The introduction of the Triton 7500/3 (Aurelia), makes it possible for REV Ocean to take one pilot and two crew members to dives up to 2,300 meters or 7,500 feet while enjoying the most compelling viewing experience achieved to date from the inside the thickest acrylic sphere ever created“.

Aurelia will also feature several other new technologies, increasing endurance, expanding utility and improving effectiveness in ways not previously possible. At Triton, we never stop innovating and it is a privilege and honor to work in collaboration with an organization like Project REV Ocean, which shares our passion and enthusiasm for ocean exploration.“, Add.

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