Scientists synthesize sugar from carbon dioxide

azúcar a partir de dióxido de carbono

Inspenet, August 25, 2023.

Chinese researchers have achieved a complete and precise synthesis of sugar from carbon dioxide , marking a fundamental advance in the search for an artificial synthesis of this product. The scientific community has been deeply involved in the investigation of the artificial creation of sugars in recent years and experts from various parts of the world have contributed to this collaborative effort.

Sugar from carbon dioxide. How did they do it?

In their latest study, the scientists carefully adjusted the elevated concentrations of carbon dioxide and other ingredients in the reaction solution, following specific ratios. By using chemical and enzymatic catalysts, they managed to generate four types of sugars: glucose, allulose, tagatose, and mannose .

The duration of the experiment was around 17 hours, which is significantly shorter compared to the times required by traditional sugar extraction methods, according to Yang Jiangang, lead author of the study and a research associate at the Institute of Sugar Extraction. Tianjin.

The sugar synthesis efficiency achieved in this analysis was 0.67 grams per liter per hour, which is more than 10 times higher than previously obtained results by scientists worldwide. Yang noted that the conversion rate of carbon dioxide to glucose reached 59.8 nanomoles of carbon per milligram of catalyst per minute.


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