Robots that feel? Scientists create organic artificial fur

robots que sienten

Inspenet, October 7, 2023.

Researchers at the University of the West, located in the United Kingdom, have managed to create a skin with incredible properties, as reported by New Scientist . This advance has generated a positive response and some enthusiasts already associate this fact with the emergence of technology similar to that of the “Terminator” character.

Robots that feel: Will it be the next advance?

To develop this skin, the cultivation of a variety of fungus known as Ganoderma sessile was used, which forms a structure called mycelium. First, the scientists coated an 18-centimeter-sized cybernetic model with a substance called agar, thus stimulating the growth of the fungi. Then, they immersed this model in a liquid to coat it with it.

After 5 days, the model was covered with an organic skin . It is relevant to note that this research, still waiting to be evaluated by other experts, explores the possibility of merging biological and artificial systems in an experimental context.

The mycelium, grown using established techniques, grew homogeneously on the surface of the cyborg model, demonstrating robust reactivity to various stimuli, such as light exposure and touch. This innovative fusion points towards the future of sustainable biomaterials and the possible integration of these materials into new and existing technologies“, reflects the research.

In this context, scientists Antoni Gandia and Andrew Adamatzky stated that mushroom-based skin is easy to manufacture and has the ability to perceive a broader variety of stimuli.

With all these advances, scientists hope to apply their discoveries not only in robots , but also in other elements, such as a coating for constructions that has the ability to autonomously detect and adjust temperature.


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