Get to know the welding robots offered by the KUKA brand


Inspenet, September 18, 2023.

Maximum productivity with very low operating costs! The welding robots offered by the KUKA brand guarantee optimal productivity and impeccable finishes, even in continuous operations. From TIG welding to MIG/MAG and specialized processes, this brand brings its automation experience and process knowledge to meet your needs in an exceptional way.

KUKA welding robots – one for every application

KUKA welding robots offer a wide range of opportunities, allowing the highest quality standards to be maintained. This makes it easier to meet needs more efficiently, adaptable and economically as they are designed to operate continuously with low operating and maintenance costs, making them the ideal choice for challenging welding applications.

Some of the most popular models are:


These robots offer a solution for handling small parts, providing a wide variety of possibilities to increase profits, while keeping energy and investment costs to a minimum. These have been designed to handle small components in a wide range of applications. They have a very precise adjustable load capacity of 6, 8 and 10 Kg.


This line of robots has been specially designed for follow-on applications such as shielding gas welding, adhesive applications and sealing. These industrial robots provide optimal performance along with exceptional power to ensure maximum profitability with minimum costs.

Thanks to innovative controller features, KR CYBERTECH nano ARC robots offer exceptional tracking accuracy and high speed. Acceleration values ​​and new ergonomic, unobstructed design allow for precise tracking, even in hard-to-reach areas. Its adjustable load capacity from 6 to 8 Kg.


The KR AGILUS robot, with six axes and a compact design, is designed to operate at high speeds. Its multiple variants, mounting options, ranges and loading capacities make this small-sized robot highly versatile and adaptable .

The strength of the KR AGILUS lies in its versatility, which allows it to explore new areas of application. Whether on the floor, ceiling or wall, this robot maintains exceptional precision in limited spaces thanks to its integrated power supply system and proven KUKA control technology.

The functional safety of the robot paves the way for innovative automation approaches. Additionally, with a wide variety of versions available, including those designed to operate in clean rooms or potentially explosive environments, as well as hygienic and splash-resistant models, each variant of the KR AGILUS offers unmatched precision and speed.


It is a highly adaptable robot with one of the largest work areas in its category and multiple mounting options for a wide range of applications with loads ranging from 20 to 70 kilograms.

Whether on the floor, on the wall or in an inclined position, the KR IONTEC combines its compact design with one of the most spacious work areas in its class, making the most of available space in a compact format. In addition, this robot has protected motors and a central body resistant to water and dust, making it suitable for almost any type of application . The Foundry option allows its use in high temperature environments and in a wide temperature range, ranging from 0° to 55°C.

High quality finishes

These robots guarantee welding of the highest quality , even under demanding continuous operating conditions, thanks to their trajectory precision and outstanding repeatability, together with their stable mechanical structure.

Its proven technology ensures that the facilities can operate with high availability for three work shifts with minimal maintenance requirements.

KUKA has noticed a growing demand for automated solutions in the general industry in recent years and has reacted quickly: “Our automation cells and solutions are gradually replacing manual or less flexible processes. Likewise, we offer innovative manufacturing methods such as friction welding, friction stir welding or Magnetarc welding, which allow us to create premium joints between new materials such as aluminum and copper in cables.”


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