They create MARLIN: the robot with AI protector of marine mammals

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Inspenet, September 1, 2023.

An innovative project developed in collaboration between experts from the University of Southampton and RS Aqua is now up and running. It uses advanced artificial intelligence-based technology to detect and combat illegal fishing while protecting marine mammals.

According to some international media, this project has an investment of more than USD 890,000 , financed by Innovative UK, the United Kingdom’s national innovation agency.

MARLIN detects illegal fishing and protects marine mammals

The robot , named MARLIN, uses underwater sensors to remotely monitor animal, human and environmental activity anywhere in the ocean, then transmits the data in real time.

The main purpose of the robot is to identify a series of activities that could have a significant impact on the marine ecosystem. It is anticipated that you will apply and refine machine learning techniques. This will allow you to distinguish between natural background noise and point disturbances, such as those caused by marine mammals. These findings will generate new real-time data connections that will be presented in a new, user-friendly interface.

“This technology will revolutionize the way we scientifically monitor our ocean environment,” explains Dr. Ryan Mowat, RS Aqua’s research director, to National Geographic Spain.

“It will help ensure that offshore work is sensitive to marine mammal activity and enable monitoring of marine protected areas through real-time recognition of illegal fishing activity,” he added.

Source and photo: the-oceans-of-illegal-fishing/#:~:text=The %20nombre% 20of %20robot% 20is, from %20transmitir% 20data %20a% 20time .

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