Autonomous robot for tank inspection is successfully implemented

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Robot autónomo para la inspección de tanques

Inspenet, August 28, 2023..

Autonomous robot for tank inspection: product of the alliance between Square Robot and ExxonMobil

Square Robot has announced the successful results of its collaborative program with ExxonMobil to develop, build and deploy an autonomous submersible robot for tank inspection.

This robot has the ability to enter surface storage tanks through a side entry system, allowing it to carry out inspections of internal surfaces while the tank remains in operation. Additionally, it can safely operate in more volatile liquids, such as gasoline, stored in tanks with internal floating roofs.

This service carries significant benefits in terms of the environment, health and safety, since it eliminates the emission of hydrocarbon vapors and the waste associated with the process of decommissioning a tank, while at the same time reducing the risks for personnel.

Additionally, if the tank remains in operation, the total costs associated with traditional inspection services decrease significantly. Clients get a comprehensive assessment of the condition of their assets, allowing them to make better decisions.

The robot was deployed in a 140-foot diameter elevated storage tank, containing 150,000 barrels of gasoline , located at ExxonMobil’s Baton Rouge facility. Representatives of both companies were present to observe the successful implementation, evaluation and recovery of the robot, successfully meeting the design objectives initially set.

“We are pleased to collaborate with innovative companies like Square Robot to deliver solutions that improve the safety of our operations and reduce environmental impact,” said Tim Westhoven, Senior Advisor for Technology Scouting & Ventures at ExxonMobil.

“Working with ExxonMobil on this joint project has been a very rewarding experience for Square Robot. The results speak for themselves. I believe ExxonMobil has brought the best out of Square Robot and leveraged our ability to quickly develop world-leading technology capable of having a major impact on a company of ExxonMobil’s scale, without compromise,” said David Lamont, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil. Square Robot .

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