Petrobras converts soybean oil into biofuel


Inspenet, November 13, 2023.

The Brazilian state oil company Petrobras announced that it managed to carry out the comprehensive processing of 100% soybean oil for the production of biofuel in an industrial refining unit.

This achievement was carried out in the fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit of the Riograndense Petroleum Refinery (RPR) located in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, according to Petrobras in a statement, highlighting that the event represents a milestone. Worldwide.

“The technology, developed at the Petrobras Research, Development and Innovation Center (Cenpes), allows the use of a 100% renewable raw material as a filler, with innovations in the process and catalysts, generating totally renewable petrochemical products,” said the company. oil.

It was indicated that with the successful completion of the test, the Riograndense Petroleum Refinery (RPR) is in the preparation phase for the production of petrochemical inputs and renewable fuels. Among the planned products are LPG, marine fuels, propylene and bioaromatics, crucial elements in industries such as synthetic rubber, nylon and PVC. Jean Paul Prates, president of the oil company, emphasized that the energy transition is an irreversible process for the company.

We are manufacturing typical petroleum derivatives from vegetable oil. It is innovation and energy transition combined for the benefit of Brazil“Prates expressed in the statement.

It should be noted that the successful test was carried out thanks to a collaboration agreement established in May 2023 between the entities with participation in the Riograndense Petroleum Refinery (RPR), which include Petrobras, Braskem and Ultra and on November 1, began the processing of 100% renewable load, thus demonstrating the viability of the operation.

A second test is scheduled for June 2024 that will consist of co-processing mineral charge with bio-oil, an advanced non-food biomass feedstock, with the aim of generating propylene, gasoline and diesel, all with renewable content. Petrobras is allocating more than US$9 million to complete the development of renewable load processing. Felipe Jorge, general director of RPR, highlighted that, with Petrobras technology, biorefining is presented as an effective strategy for the transition to the future.

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