Activist develops method to eliminate microplastics from water

microplásticos del agua

Inspenet, December 21, 2023.

Fionn Ferreira, a 22-year-old environmental activist, has made significant progress in the battle against microplastic pollution.

Raised on the coast of Ireland, his deep connection to the ocean motivated him to devise a method that uses magnets to remove microplastics from water efficiently, safely and without causing harm to the environment. This innovative technique does not produce waste and dispenses with the use of filters and chemicals.

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The method to eliminate microplastics from water

The method developed by Ferreira involves the use of a ferromagnetic liquid that, when combined with microplastics, facilitates their extraction using magnets. The highlight of this liquid lies in its ability to be recycled almost entirely after each use, while eliminating microplastics . This approach is so safe that it can even be applied in the treatment of drinking water, marking an important advance in the field.

Since beginning his chemistry studies in 2019 at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, Ferreira has continued to perfect his invention. His project gained recognition by being highlighted at the Google Science Fair, and with the support of figures such as Robert Downey Jr. and its Footprint Coalition, has managed to improve the prototype until reaching an efficiency of 85% in eliminating microplastics in a single operation.

Collaborating with the University of Texas, Ferreira is working on adapting his method for implementation in water treatment plants around the world . Additionally, in 2020, he founded Fionn & Co. LLC and the Green Journey Coalition Inc. with the intention of continuing with its mission of cleaning the oceans and preserving the environment. Ferreira highlights the importance of joining forces to achieve a future without microplastics.

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